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 Felizist is a jewelery brand from Istanbul. The driving influence behind the collection is Mrs. Filiz’s reflextions of her family heritage . The collection is further inspired by nature.

 Mrs. Filiz was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She was very curious about design and handcrafts from an early age. Her aspirations found a new meaning when her grandmother began tutoring her in jewelry design. She decided to pursue these early experiences artistically and professionally so she continued her journey in London’s Central St. Martins College.

 Each handcrafted piece is made using artisanal materials,925 sterling silver,freshwater pearls and gem stones with an effort of balancing a traditional taste with the rigor of modern design.

 The entire collection consists of 100% handmade works. Felizist aims to bring love and happiness that shine through hours of meticulus work that goes into designing and manufacturing each item.

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