I was born a soldier in the 80th generation. My family's future expectation for me was that I would have a career in a corporate job, in a desk position, and that's exactly what happened, I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and worked as a banker for 10 years .They say when a baby is born, a mother is born. That's how my story, Ediaz's story, began. As I taught my son to pursue his dreams, I realized that I had given up my own dreams. How could I teach him that if I didn't dream? One day when I fought this question, I made peace with my fears and resigned from my 10-year banking career. In order to rewrite my story, I completed “jewelry and Jewelry Design, collection preparation” at Mahreç Art House School, “jewelry and jewelry production journeyman and brand training at Vakko Esmod Moda. And in 2019, I founded Ediaz Jewellery, making the most glittering dream in my bag a reality.