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DOROANDME’s story begins with an artist mother, who cannot find colorful, comfortable, dynamic and original clothes made of natural fabrics for his babyboy in the style she dreams of, therefore starts cuting and sewing at home by herself; transforms into a women's enterprise with the admiration and demand she faces.
“DORO” was used to mean "gift of God" in Ancient Greek. With the idea and feeling of "our children are a gift from God to us", starting with herself and her “DORO”, Esra Bağ, the founder and designer of the brand, defines her brand as DOROANDME. With its closeness to her babyboy’s name, DORO keeps a special place too.

She produces her unique and timeless designs which the models can be combined with each other, that make children feel different, free and good, in its own atelier with her own style and details that make a difference by using natural and quality fabrics.

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