When we decide to establish our brand by believing in doing something that has never been done, our first goal is to produce high quality, comfortable, hardwearing and best-in-class affordable luxury products with innovative designs, paying attention to all details with a holistic aesthetic approach against the disposable model created by the fast fashion world by quickly offering the latest trend goods that can be used in a single season and wearing out in two to three washes.

We brought our different perspective to design, yarn, fabric and quality to life by establishing Chivi.

In order to produce the fabric with quality, hardwearing and soft touch; we embarked on the journey of developing our own yarn. We spent a lot of time and effort for this process, together with the scientific studies on fabric production and the laboratory tests we had done.

Our vision is combining streetwear style with accessible luxury, to offer quality products that can be used for a long time, allowing the customer to express their individuality and add a more personal touch to the details.

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