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C-ya is a life style brand for todays modern, young & independent woman, who is looking for cool, feminine & elegant designs she can wear or take to be ready, anytime-anywhere.
C-ya’s expertise is, one piece clothing with non-creasing fabrics presented in a stylish bag. C-ya targets a partner who prefers to dress up practical, simple, cool and effortlessly stylish at the same time. Also the products are seasonless because of the fabric features and the designs. Because we love design and we love it more when it comes with functionality, fun and creativity. 
You can wear your C-ya clothing daily, to the beach, to a fancy dinner, to drink coffee, to work, in addition to that you can travel and pack without ironing any of the garments… Thus every model can be multi-styled.
Not to Forget! We love and respect nature! Thus we strictly ensure, no living creature is harmed or victimised while creating and producing C-ya Products. 

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