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Boh The Label
Boh The Label

We respect our little ones as better versions of us, mindful creators of the future, rising preservers of earth and nature. They roll, toddle and run the hills, touch the sky and feel the ground without fear. A spreading inspiration to find new pathways leads to an endless motivation to discover a pure new universe.

Our passion is all about raising a kinder tomorrow in which they will happily grow: Designing 100% organic collections with pastel hues and gender-neutral patterns to give space for their own sense of creativity.

As “Boh” represents “to live” in Swedish, each piece celebrates the simple joy of living. Ethically handmade with certified fabrics, sustainably printed with natural dye; Boh reflects a beautiful balance between modern comfort and timeless aesthetics.

A first-ever heritage among 0-5 aged kids.

With love,
BOH Family

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