Welcome to the natural care world of Bioti Naturel... We have brought together the beauty secrets of the Northwest African lands for centuries for you. With these product, you will begin to experience the miraculous effect of 100% pure oils, obtained from seeds carefully grown with organic farming methods by the local women's cooperative in the rare argan and nopal gardens of Central Morocco. We would like you to note that nature-friendly methods are followed in all processes from the acquisition of the seeds to the packaging stage, that no animal experiments are applied at any stage, that vegan production methods are taken as a basis in all production processes, and that you support local female producers from Morocco by using our products. With this belief, we produce our Moroccan-specific products in the women's cooperative, where we have been working for years to ensure flawless, additive-free and consistently high purity and quality. All of our care oils and other products are pure and heat-free, obtained from organic farming and solvent-free. We are pleased to offer you the beauty of our 100% pure and handmade oils.