Be Mine Design
Be Mine Design

“Be Mine Design” is a design product, having cosmic energies. It is an original brand, created by  a celestial story from the stars and cosmic energies. The design concept is born under the inspirations of symbolism, astrology & energies of the universe, in 2016. These design products are unique & hand crafted. All products come into life with illustrative drawings of concept designs by Başak Sipahioğlu.

You will experience the magical energies of Be Mine Design products as you wear them! With Designs are full of cosmic energies and magical symbols bringing luck in the colourful illustrations, with soft & natural materials (silk & cotton) are produced in Turkey and scarf edges are curved by hand.

You may attract the cosmic energy into your life with these products. By using the great energies of symbols, we produced our designs to bring a magical touch in your life…

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