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Balanu's founder, Filiz Bıldır, is an architect who grew up in an agricultural family in the Kaz Mountains region. While continuing his architectural studies, he took his interest in food to the next level and received culinary training. Thanks to these trainings, he realized that the essence of every meal we eat is soil. With this awareness, Filiz Bıldır, who started to deal closely with agricultural production problems in our country, decided that she should do something for the future of the fertile lands of our country and founded Balanu. As Balanu, we provide farmers with training on organic agriculture, guarantee to buy the harvest, and consultancy on growing the right products so that agricultural production in Anatolia can be sustainable. We create value-added products as a result of detailed R&D studies, using seasonally grown organic and gluten-free certified materials that we purchase from these farmers. We reinterpret popular traditional recipes with an innovative perspective, and we produce our recipes, which we design by paying attention to today's nutritional sensitivities, using ingredients that respect both the environment and our body.


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