B'art Design

Crafting decorative art works for you

Touching the clay is a feeling that is magical, peaceful, exciting, passionate, and irreplaceable. Sculpting is a state of existing while creating and completing while being complete.
My journey that has started years ago by touching the clay for the first time continues with the same excitement I had since the beginning. I have always felt a unique bond with all the sculptures I have created throughout this journey. It is still a great wonder to me whether they have become a part of me, or I have become a part of them over time. But in the end, this relationship that has been shaped by the touch of art became as strong and real as the bond one could establish with life.
I started this journey with the artist Ayca Tufan at Aatölye in 2003. Throughout the years, I had the chance to experiment with different kinds of materials. My works got together with art-lovers in many mixed exhibitions.
Today, I am continuing my journey by creating custom design sculptures for individuals and brands in the B’art Design brand I established and blended with years’ experience in 2019.

Basak Sahindogan