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Antier is a quality fashion brand filled with fun and unique designs that are custom made for people who put fun in the center of their lives. Antier is launched in 2020 and based in the old city of Istanbul. Our mission is not only to provide you a piece of garment but help you experience the fun and comfort in your everyday life.  
Antier aims to open up a new page for every person who wants to reinvent themselves. Take the idea of kimono out from the depths of history and turn it into an everyday piece that is suitable for parties, meetings, festivals, beach, and of course home :)
Unlike the usual kimonos you already know, Antier brings out a Playa Wear concept that is inspired by the burners and combines it with top quality hard fabric to give you extra support and the perfect fit.
Enjoy your life to the fullest with the authenticity, comfort, and uniqueness of Antier kimonos, and make your style shine wherever!
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