ALLBYB is a contemporary brand always respectful to the environment and human, offers a unique, timeless selection of high-quality hand-made and sustainably produced bags by supporting the women and local trade. 
The story of ALLBYB began with the interest of our founder Ayfer Zeybekoglu in handmade products. She was engaged in different hand-made products in the last decade, trying to produce products to appeal your taste with ceramic handcrafts, jewelry design and hand-made bags.
After her beloved son, Burak Salman passing away in 2017, she decided to establish a company offering handmade designer bags named All by Burak Salman to cherish his memory each and every moment. Burak was a person with a colorful and different character, who unconditionally showed his affection towards everyone. We have made it our priority to integrate his colorful character into our products. With the income we yield from our products, we aim, in the name of Burak Salman, to help needy children and contribute to the preservation of the environment all around the world
Today, with its luxurious and timeless style, ALLBYB is creating bags for modern, strong women who have a refined taste. There are also strong women right at the heart of the design and production processes of our bags. We work with the women artisans with exceptional handcrafting skills, and offer them employment, empowering them economically.
Today, 80% of our staff consists of women


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