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Alg Farm
Alg Farm

We, Aysun and Levent Guducu (ALG in abbreviation), are a couple who switched to agriculture which we have always been passionate about following 25 years of corporate life experiences. Realizing the increasing damage of chemicals which are used in agriculture to the ecological system, we aimed to take a step towards delivering healthier and better food to future generations as a result of long researches in the field. After deciding on the need, we had to answer some questions such as “What will we produce? Which factors will be taken into consideration in production process? Which methods will we use? Which region will we be located during production? While we were looking for an answer to what to produce, we discussed our basic food sources and we discovered that we can produce eggs, the only food source that contains all the nutrients that human needs following breast milk, with traditional methods which were used by our families in the past
We had to produce our eggs under suitable weather and ambient conditions, using quality feed so we preferred Duzce which is both convenient in terms of climate and close to Istanbul and Ankara, two metropolitan cities. After we moved to Duzce, we established our farm and our team there. With our ever-growing product range since 2012; As Alg Farm family, we have been working with the aim to deliver the healthiest and the most natural products to you and future generations


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