Get your wardrobe more sustainable with 7 recycled t-shirt. From White Mondays to Black Fridays, to Gray Sundays, you can wear basic t-shirts in different colors every day with 7Enough.
Do something for the world now and choose the t-shirts that you can wear every day. You will see, 7 enough, come on!

When compared to the production of a regular cotton t-shirt, a 7ENOUGH t-shirt saves 1,687 liters of water and reduce carbon emissions by 1.8 kilowatts. That is %37.5 less than the average water consumption of a t-shirt production and equal to the amount of energy used to illuminate your room for one month by an energy-saving bulb!

The average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years and some bottles up-to 1000 years to biodegrade! For each 7Enough t-shirt produced by 2 recycling plastic bottles, gives these bottles a brand new life instead of polluting the land.

Simply by wearing your 7Enough recycled t-shirt for 9 months more than your average duration of use, you can reduce your carbon footprint by %30!

1- Garment scraps are collected.
2- First, the scraps are separated according to their content and color, then the fiber is formed.
3- The fiber is combined with polyester fibers which are recycled from plastic bottles. Sufficiently strong yarns are produced by using this material. 
4- Our fabric is obtained without both re-production of cotton and the dyeing process that causes massive damages to nature.
5- We offer you a %100 recycled shopping experience with our %100 recycled cloth label and seed tag.


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