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We’ve spent the day with our designers Megan from Oh Seven Days and Kirst from Two-Continents, who created a capsule collaboration collection this summer emphasizing handsome femininity and versatility for day-to-day wear!  



You two are both foreigners living in Istanbul, tell us a little about your backgrounds.

Meg: I was born in Canada and moved to Australia when I was very young.  After graduating university in Australia, I moved to London to study at London College of Fashion.  After studying and working for London-based labels Antipodium and Zoe Jordan, I relocated to Istanbul.  It was here, in 2014 where I launched Oh Seven Days, a concept brought about from my combined cultural and geographical experiences. The label aims to be a staple for style conscious and ethical consumers in search of wardrobe staples elevated by unique details.

Kirst: I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. I studied fashion for three years and took time off during my second year to travel. Travelling between London, China, Europe and Turkey, I graduated and then moved to Istanbul full time.  After living in Istanbul and not really having anything to do I decided to launch Two-Continents where I would import accessories from Africa to Turkey that felt like home. Two-Continents is a brand that is diverse and ethically sourced from different designers as well as a new collection of baskets.  Our African style is something I wanted to share with the European/Turkish market.


How did you end up in Istanbul, what is the backstory?

Meg: I met my husband, who is from Istanbul, in London 7 years ago.  When we left London we weren’t ready to move all the way back to Australia yet, so we decided to try Istanbul for a year or so.  I ended up liking it so much we’ve now been here over 4 years.

Kirst: I travelled to Istanbul in 2012 where I met my boyfriend, we had been doing long distance while I finished university, I moved here full time in March 2014 and have been going back and forth since then.  


What impresses you the most about Istanbul? What do you love the most? What surprises you the most?

Meg: The vastness of the city is one of the best things about Istanbul. There is always a neighbourhood to explore or a new restaurant to discover. The most surprising thing about Istanbul would have to be the extreme contrast between old and new, the rich history contrasted by the world-class modernity of the city is always surprising and interesting. I also love the hospitality of the people and the tastiness of the food!

Kirst: I love the culture and the friendliness of the people, I like that there are so many undiscovered little places, I feel you could never get bored living here. I love living close to the Bosphorus and having little places to go to that are hidden beneath huge buildings and old ruins.


So how did you guys meet here?

Kirst: We had been ‘liking’ each others images for a long time on Instagram and noticed we were both based in Istanbul. We met for coffee and swapped stories about life and business in Istanbul, and the rest is history.



How did you decide to do the Oh Seven Days//Two-Continents collaboration?

Meg: Kirst came up with the idea to do a high summer collection and I was quick to agree. We’ve become close friends so it was nice to be able to work on a mutual project together. Our aesthetics and ideas worked really well together and after playing around with a few different styles and ideas we decided to focus on some summer essential pieces and that’s how our collaboration began.


What inspired you guys for the collection?

Kirst: The collection was all about hot summer days on the Mediterranean. It was important for us to use super lightweight fabrics that can breathe in the hot Turkish summers. We also wanted to make pieces that were adjustable and multifunctional. The colour palette was based around blush and terracotta tones.

Peony Skirt

Primrose Top


What is your favorite thing about working with the other?


Meg: The best thing about working together was having someone to bounce ideas off and collaborate with on a creative level. It’s difficult to find people who are like-minded and willing to share resources and ideas, so I think it was a great match!

Kirst: Working with Meg was a great experience and really easy. The excitement between the two of us in the fabric stores and the similarity in design made it really interesting and fun. The design process was done really quickly and we were both hands on throughout the entire collection. This collaboration is core of both of us as designers and creatives.


Meg and Kirst met in Istanbul and created an inspiring, modern and trendy collection together as friends and talented designers. They welcomed us into their studio to show and tell about the line, their inspirations and themselves. It was a fun, inspirational hot summer day that we as hipicon family enjoyed lots. 



Tiger Lily Dress



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